Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Michigan weather can be unpredictable for the hunting season. We have seen warm weather during this time, but most of the time we pray for a nice light snow fall. In Michigan cold weather deer hunting requires the hunter to prepare properly and make sure he or she has the right clothing and equipment for prolonged exposure to the elements. Humans must maintain a stable body temperature during cold weather hunting. When away from external sources of heat, our only heat source is that which we produce internally. This inner warmth primarily comes from burning food, or the oxidation of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are available in the form of raisins, chocolate, candy, and fruit.

The best dress for cold weather hunting is to wear clothing that preserves body heat while allowing body moisture to evaporate freely. This is accomplished through layering, or wearing alternate layers of clothing to provide insulation and ventilation.

Before heading out in the woods here are a few things that every hunter will need.

• Camouflage
• Tree stands/blind
• Weapon
• Waterproof boots
• Knife
• Tags
• Orange clothing
• Permit.
• Spotlight

Camouflage has been used for ages and while it is very important, it is not essential, especially during gun season when it is required that hunters wear blaze orange clothing when on public land. There are many different types of deer stands, ladder stands, climbers and stationary blinds. Ladder stands are ladders with a platform on top of them chained to a tree. Climber stands are platforms with a seat that may be carried on your back and then placed usually about 4-8 feet off the ground on a tree. Stationary blinds, built from wood and other materials are meant to be a durable and long-lasting blind either on a stand or on the ground, depending on the terrain. No hunter may take down a deer easily or legally without using certain weapons when they are permitted. Waterproof boots are not essential, but are handy, especially since deer do not always fall down when shot, and may run for a few hundred yards into unfamiliar woods. Knives are essential for skinning and field dressing deer. Tags and permits are required to hunt deer legally, and may be purchased from sporting good stores

Written By: Mike Girolami, President of WorkWear1, www.workwear1.com, Local Distributor of Carhartt WorkCamo clothing, Redford MI

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