Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Michigan's First Case of Chronic Wasting Disease

As we start to ready ourselves for the fall hunting season, Michigan hunters should be aware that the State of Michigan is faced with its first case of Chronic Wasting Disease that was reported in Kent County. The Michigan departments of Agriculture (MDA) and Natural Resources (DNR) confirmed the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in a three-year old white-tailed deer from a privately owned cervid (POC) facility in Kent County.

The state has quarantined all POC facilities, prohibiting the movement of all - dead or alive - privately-owned deer, elk or moose. Officials do not yet know how the deer may have contracted the disease. To date, there is no evidence that CWD presents a risk to humans.
Michigan's veterinarians and wildlife experts have been working to complete their investigation. They take this disease very seriously, and are using every resource available to implement response measures and stop the spread of this disease."
CWD is a fatal neurological disease that affects deer, elk and moose. Most cases of the disease have been in western states, but in the past several years, it has spread to some midwestern and eastern states. Infected animals display abnormal behaviors, progressive weight loss and physical debilitation.
Current evidence suggests that the disease is transmitted through infectious, self-multiplying proteins (prions) contained in saliva and other fluids of infected animals. Susceptible animals can acquire CWD by direct exposure to these fluids or also from contaminated environments. Once contaminated, research suggests that soil can remain a source of infection for long periods of time, making CWD a particularly difficult disease to eradicate.
The DNR is asking hunters this fall to assist them by visiting check stations to allow them to take biological samples from the deer they harvest, so they can perform adequate surveillance of the free-ranging white-tailed deer herd in the area.
Deer hunters this fall who take deer from Tyrone, Solon, Nelson, Sparta, Algoma, Courtland, Alpine, Plainfield, and Cannon townships will be required to bring their deer to a DNR check station. Deer taken in these townships are subject to mandatory deer check.
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